Pōkeno Main Street Project Update - 01 March 2024

Kia ora everyone, hope I find you enjoying this ongoing stretch of nice weather and ready for a great weekend!

 What’s happened this week:

  • A lot of effort has gone into nailing the stormwater system underground this week. As with all new sites such as this one, designing and installing a system that will stand the test of time is essential.

  • The traffic islands and garden beds were tapered in with concrete sides, kerbing was given some finishing touches, and fresh topsoil was added.

  • The switch to the shops side of Main Street happened on Thursday and work is about to be in full swing replicating the work we’ve on the Countdown side.

What’s happening next week:

  • There’ll be some noticeable impact on the shop side this week. The road will be milled and opened up to allow work on stormwater systems.

  • The kerb and channel will be removed, and SOME pavers will be uplifted, again to allow inspection and work to occur on the stormwater pipes that stretch under the existing footpath.

  • Final planning is occurring this week to commence work on the new Roundabout within the next fortnight.

In relation to the shop side work……It’s important to note that there will always be access to the shops!

A 2-meter-wide section of pavers will remain in place along the shop fronts to allow pedestrian access.

 Enjoy your weekend and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. If I don’t have the answer I can find it for you!

And don’t forget, main street shops are still open while this work is going on, so pop on down.

Countdown has kindly let us use some of their car parking area for public parking during the project.