Pōkeno Main Street Project Update - 08 March 2024

Kia ora everyone, another week of Pōkeno ice cream and bacon for me as I get to visit your fantastic town!

 What’s happened this week:

  • A lot of preparation has been carried out this week. The underground services have been secured, and extensive stormwater drainage work is ongoing. We’ve laid stormwater pipes between manholes, around existing services which although a challenge, is essential to get right.

  • The crew also ducked over to fix a paving issue outside Barfoot and Thompson’s building. This had been waiting on a permanent repair so having been made aware of it by locals, the Alliance team have re-instated these pavers.

 What’s happening over the next week or 2:

  • A lot happened this week. We begin on Sunday night with the first of 2-3 consecutive night shift. Best done as night, we’ll remove pavers at the shop front and expose the existing stormwater systems. Once clear we’ll pour a concrete band around the shop fronts, connect current downpipes to the wider stormwater system, replace anything damaged, and reinstate the path to a temporary surface. The pavers will not be put back in at this point. The shop fronts will have their final paving completed after we have finished along the roadside. We need to pave from the road edge towards the shops to ensure a clean fit and finish. Night shifts are between the hours of 7pm and 6am.

  • More stormwater work will occur (you probably guessed that)

  • Traffic signal ducting to is to be completed and the town centre streetlight will de-energized and removed.

  • Kerb and channel will be laid on the shop side of the Main St.

  • The roundabout site will be established and we’ll be straight into it. The road will be milled to remove the current seal and stormwater drainage works will commence.

 In relation to the shop side work……It’s important to note that there will always be access to the shops!

Following the night shift access will be maintained and though we don’t anticipate any, we will work with shop owners on any issues that arise.

 Enjoy your weekend and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. If I don’t have the answer I can find it for you!