Pōkeno Main Street Project Update - 15 March 2024

Pōkeno Main Street Project Update

as of 15 March 2024

Kia ora everyone, what’s happened to summer? More ice cream and bacon have certainly helped me through.

 What’s happened this week:

 Main St

  • We carried out 2 nightshifts as planned and made good progress on the shop-front drainage. The footpath pavers were removed allowing us to install 4 downpipe leads with gully traps in front of the shopfronts, linking downpipes to the stormwater network.

  • The main stormwater inspection chamber was installed and more connections (pipes) were laid between the 5 major manholes on the Main St.


  • The roundabout site is well and truly underway! The milling machine rolled in and ripped the surface off the entire RAB site enabling us to begin our work underground. We even experienced a walk down memory lane as the original Great South Rd was uncovered. A fair few trips were had over that piece of road on the journey between Hamilton and Auckland.

  • The site has been cleared of all vegetation and the old kerb and channel is gone.

  • We’ve located the underground utility lines which is vital before anything more can happen. This work is easy to spot at worksites (and on footpaths) by the brightly spray painted lines and numbers you see.


What’s happening over the next week or 2:

Main St

  • More stormwater work will occur! The guts of the system should be put in place over the coming fortnight signifying a major milestone.

  • Traffic signal ducting to is still to be completed and the town centre streetlight still needs to de-energized and come out to make way for work.

  • Kerb and channel will be laid on the shop side of the Main St, and all going well…..we will begin laying pavers!

  • The temporary fence will remain in place until we’ve finished the roadside, kerb and channel, pavers, etc.



  • No prizes for guessing that we will commence drainage works. A lot of excavation, working around utilities, lining things up, and underground discovery are on the cards.

  • The Roundabout streetlight needs de-energizing and removal.

 As always please keep the local shop owners front of mind. They are working hard through trying conditions and will always value your business.

The Pokeno Plaza is WELL worth the quick trip around the roundabout detour.

Enjoy your weekend and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. If I don’t have the answer I can find it for you!