Pōkeno Main Street Project Update - 23 Feb 2024

Kia ora everyone, another great week of progress in perfect weather conditions!

 What’s happened this week:

  • This week has seen significant work on the new traffic island. Traffic light ducting has been trenched and installed (on the Countdown side of the road), and ‘pits’ are in place which will eventually house the lights themselves. These are the steel boxes in our attached pics and house all the necessary wiring to operate the signals fully.

  • Kerbing has been formed around the island (well the hole that’s excavated for the island!). The concrete footpath and kerb that was excavated to give access to drainage and catchpits has been reinstated. New slot drains have been installed to manage the eventual stormwater flow.

 What’s happening next week (a 2 week lookahead):

  • The next 2 weeks will see us wind up work on the Countdown side, and switch locations to the shops side of the Main Street. To make this happen we’ll reinstate the asphalt between the new traffic island and existing footpath, topsoil the proposed garden areas, move the existing traffic management (cones and signs) from one side to the other, and kick-off drainage works on the shops side.

 The weather has played ball to date and allowed the crews to crack along with progress! 

 Enjoy your weekend and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. If I don’t have the answer I can find it for you!

 And don’t forget, main street shops are still open while this work is going on, so pop on down.

Countdown have kindly let us use some of their car parking area for public parking during the project.