A message from our Community Constable

Police are continually committed to preventing and solving vehicle crime and burglaries in your area and you can help!

If you have any security cameras at you address you can assist us by up loading your details on to [www.communitycam.co.nz](http://www.communitycam.co.nz/).

Community Cam is a voluntary, not for profit community initiative where people can register a property with CCTV, and upload CCTV footage, to help solve crime in their neighbourhood.

When a crime is committed, the NZ Police can refer to Community Cam to quickly identify CCTV locations of registered users in and around the scene of the crime. This then allows the police to contact you to help with an investigation.

Your details are confidential and secure. Only the NZ Police can see your information and, if you choose to upload your CCTV footage, the footage is password protected for your security. Community Cam just lets them know who owns a CCTV system to save valuable time door-knocking.

Let's work together to help solve crime.

And please remember it is very important to report crime and suspicious activity.  Please call 111 if it happening there and then.  That gives Police the opportunity to attend ASAP.  Alternatively report any more historic non urgent matters on 105.

Thank you for your assistance.  Together we can make your community safer.

Senior Constable Lorraine Borrell
Franklin East, Rural Community Constable